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Due to both personal and professional reasons, I am not available in June 2023.

Tours in Prague and around

Welcome to my website dear traveler!
If you want to get immersed into Czech culture, history and traditions you are in a right place. It will be my pleasure to show you around this beautiful country, while revealing some of its mysteries and putting events into a wider context. I am a tour guide, a profession I have chosen in 2004 i lieu of following a career in law and administration suggested by my studies. I have been working in many countries since before settling in Prague and focusing on incoming tourists. I still work in outgoing tourism though as the ever-changing environment is a challenge which keeps me focused and enthusiastic. I am a licensed guide of Prague, Prague ‘s Jewish town museum, the tour guide of the Czech Republic and Poland and I guide in English, Polish, Serbian and Croatian language.

Maki COVID-19: Current safety measures

Since the beginning of 2022 highly infectious "omicron" variant has succeded to bestow immunity upon us. After going through the ordeal myself I am optimistic about the near future.

From March the 14th the following safety measures are in place:

  • Entering Czech Republic from EU countries is without any special requirements.
  • Travellers from outside EU are required to submit the Public Health Passenger Locator Form (available here) and obtaining the negative result of COVID-19 test or presenting a vaccination certificate.

I will charge the following fees per group up to 10 people (prices do not include any entrance fees or transportation costs):

Tour type duration in hours price in CZK
Prague as you wish per hour 700 CZK
Evening Prague ca 3h 1800 CZK
Prague in full ca 8h 3500 CZK
Tour type duration in hours price in CZK
Prague as you wish per hour 700 CZK
Evening Prague ca 3h 1800 CZK
Prague in full ca 8h 3500 CZK

Praha: Malá Strana

Prague as you wish

This option gives you a chance to take exactly as much as you can digest. We will carefuly tailor the route ahead of time and reconfirm everything over a map just before starting. According to your wish we can make adjustments to the chosen route and the tour lenght to fully satisfy your interests.

Praha: Jan Nepomucký

Dusk over Prague

During this tour, starting at 5 PM (or later) Prague is guaranteed to charm you. While enjoying a pleasant evening walk and admiring enchanting sceneries you may also learn some thrilling and very true stories about grizzly characters and fabled haunts that are said to roam the side alleys. Keep your wits sharp as you may be required to face some of city´s mysteries. There is a playfulf aspect to this tour and if so you wish, we may steer our way towards one of many good restaurants or some vibrant place full of night life to keep up with the thrill!

Praha: Nový Svět

Prague in full

Forget about the time and be carried away by it´s flow while encountering various milestones of our history. During this tour you will hear the exciting story of my nation and my city and you will visit the most interesting places where our fate has been shaped. We can make some stops on the way to take a breath, have a drink in a secret place or recharge our batteries by taking a lunch. Be aware that this option requires a lot of walking and may require the purchase of tickets to some major historical objects.

Praha: Stará auta

20th century in Prague

From the birth of the republic though it's prosperous period into the darkness of the war. You will learn a lot about the political environment of that time artistic trends an intriguing characters. You will learn how the communism took hold, how it was defeated and at what cost. I recommend considering the visit in some of the following sites either during or outside the tour: Prague Gestapo prison, Memorial of Czech Resistance, Museum of Communism and National Gallery - the modern art section. Depending on the included sites the tour will take between 3 and 6 hours. We may be using public transport to move around.

Praha: Karlův most

All dimensions of Charles Bridge

The iconic monument and one of the most beautiful bridges in Europe hardly needs to be introduced. As the time passed several interesting characters got involved in its story, still many others may be faced more directly right on the bridge itself. How was it built? How much of it really survived? How the symbolism and magic coexist with all these saints? The bridge may never reveal all its mysteries but I can cast light on some of them at least. I recommend the visit to one of its towers, visit to Charles bridge museum and taking a boat trip under it's arches. Depending of the chosen options the tour will take between 2 and 3 hours.

Praha: jídlo

Not only goulash and beer - food tour

When visiting our country soon you learn that Czechs eat goulash, pork knee, roasted duck and wash it down with a lot of beer. Seriously? There is a long list of traditional meals you will never encounter in the city center, that taste great and can be served with an interesting story about their origin. Good, if less advertised food, and genuine charming places to sample it are the focus of this tour. As we walk between small meals you will also learn equally juicy bits about Prague and its people. The tour will take 3 to 4 hours depending of your appetite! (LoL) Please take into account an extra expence of around 500 Kč/person for food & drinks.

Český Krumlov: Zámek

Countryside by car

If you want to get to know this country better, your best option is saying goodbye to our metropolis for a moment. As a day trip destination we can choose from several popular places like Kutná Hora, Český Krumlov and Karlovy Vary or decide to explore less prominent but even more authentic places like for example old city of Pardubice with Kunětická hora castle, Mladá Boleslav industrial yet with some old time charm and rich Jewish heritage, picturesque Jičín and delightfull rock formations, traditional hussite Tábor and cosy Červená lhota chateau. I will provide a car with a driver or can drive you myself.

Kutná Hora: Chrám sv. Barbory

Countryside by public transport

Locals often use our extensive network of railroad and pubic buses. In a comfortable train seat you will feel like one of us while taking a full advantage of the freedom of movement which this affordable way of transportation provides. Depending on the chosen difficulty level we can plan a route that combines some hiking and visiting a natural sites with some historical monuments. You can consider for example trips to legendary mount Říp and Roudnice nad Labem surpisingly rich in historical monuments, or you may follow in the footsteps of saint Venceslaus to Stara Boleslav and Brandýs, visit the spectacular pilgrimage Holy mountain site at Příbram and mining open air museum nearby, from the abbey at Svatý Jana pod Skalou we can hike to Karlštejn the most visited castle outside Prague, we can follow the wine rout to Mělník or explore the dilapidated industrial heritage in Kladno. This is cetrainly a very Czech way to travel.

Praha: Letná

Coach groups programs

I provide services as a guide and tour leader for coach groups within Czech Republic and the surrounding countries (Germany, Poland, Slovakia, Austra). I can provide the precise program, find the suitable transport, arrange an accomodation and make all necessary reservations.

Outgoing tours with Maki

I have been active in tourism since 2004, starting as a hotel guide abroad, since 2010 as a guide in Prague and since 2012 as a tour leader and guide on outgoing sightseeing tours.
Map shows places I know very well (yellow), places I visited during various tours (red and orange) or in my free time (blue),routes I have traveled as a tourguide and my recent travel plans (green).

    I provide the following services:
  • Guiding and tour leading in various contries
  • Guiding in Prague
  • Guiding inside the Prague's Jewish museum
  • Guiding during extedned tours in Czech Republic and abroad
  • Customer service during extended tours
  • Organising the transportation, accomodation and information services in Czech Republic and in other countries

During long years of studying and frequent foreign trips I have learned to communicate in several languages and I keep learning. I mostly guide in English, Polish, Czech, Croatian and Serbian.
I can also communicate in Russian, German, Turkish, Greek, Bulagrian and Italian which is helpful during foreign tours and business meetings.

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Another activities and interests

Board game design & testing

Since my childhood I have been interested in smart forms of entertainment especially board games. At first I used to sneak into shops in order to copy ones I could not afford, then I started to mimic existing designs and recently I have started to develop my own games. In the year 2013 I have published the board game named Commanders, on which I worked both as a main designer and art designer. The Commanders is a moderately difficult battle game based on the Napoleonic theme. Further information about the game is available on it's web site (Czech only).

Graphic design and web-design

While busying myself with other projects I have become familiar with several software types used for graphic design, film editing and web design.
Pandemic of COVID-19 forced me to dedicate more time and effort to this path. I have started to teach computers at school and deepened my programming skills working with language recognition A.I. based technologies becoming effectively a professional developer.
My artistic inclinations also received some spin with my involvement as a voluntary art designer for GameCon, the yearly held convention of non-computer games.

Translation and interpreting

Being naturally bilingual, languages come easily to me. It brings me a great satisfaction when I am able to communicate with locals in their own tongue and I am not easily discouraged by mistakes I inevitably make in a process.
But there are several languages I can use with a high degree of skill and so I occasionally work as a translator and interpretor. My main languages are: Czech, Polish, English, Croat, Serbian (and all related).
I do technical and legal interpreting in all these languages and have already accumulated a substantial experience in this area.



The capital of Czech Republic and its larest city is considered to be one of the most charming places in Europe. Tu fully appreciate the city it is worth listening to its story and becoming more intimate with its glorious charms.

The spirit of king Charles Luxembourg seems to transcend every spot in Prague, city which is to great extent his own creation. If it wasn't him, Prague would hardly be able to attract millions of tourists. But beyond of several monuments named after Charles and some suspicious stories, what do we really know about Charles the 4th and his achievements?

Whether you are going to Prague or have just returned from, you can use this short test to refresh your memories or just to find inspiring topics to inquire about. To further stimulate your interest I offer a tiny 10 CZK discount from my guiding fee for every correct answer (28 in total). Good luck!

Me & Maki



When you see me in the lead of a group of tourists enchanted by the charm of Prague or exploring long-abandoned tombs in the Mediterranean shrubs you will hardly guess that I was trained as a lawyer and linguist and who has chosen the guiding job driven by the unbearable thirst for discovery, inability to accept the rigors of a sedentary job and some inherent exhibitionism.
Back home I find enjoyment in the creative work and I keep chasing my old dream of developing a board game which would be a synthesis of my interest, knowledge and stories both these lived-through and made.

My CV in English


I have met this charming green creature in the Turkish port Fethiye and it turned to be the "love at first glance". Since then Maki has become my faithful travel companion and kind of my brand logo. She has gone through several versions but invariably attracts attention of both my clients and passers-by with her looks of an innocent urchin and a big smile.

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